The Engineering Journey

  1. The Engineering and IT teams must work concurrently together to achieve the shortest possible build timeframe.
  2. The version controlled Requirements Documents Set - for both Devices and System - is absolutely required to support the concurrent teams leadership style required. These douments formalize the detailed design objectives and proposed testing plans across the teams.

  4. Today most electronics products use System-On-A-Chip surface mount components assembled by complex robots automatically. The days of "wiring things together" are long gone! Ian has designed CareForMe devices to use modern efficient advanced technology for assembly, test and energy efficient daily operation.
  5. The device engineering experience skills and capability required include designing proprietary devices "firmware" using proprietary Software Development Kits. The designs must support high-volume troble-free manufacturing. Understanding and applying these tools requires many years work using a variety of vendor solutions and high volume products implementation to be able to do a "walk up start" on CareForMe devices development.

  7. The devices fleet of 10,000 up to 100,000+ communicates directly with a managemnt "Portal" system which has been the backbone of mobile devices fleets operators internationally for many decades. Its matuturity guarantees secure operations and data transport across Australia.
  8. Software engineering and integration will include the creation of an orderly events database with individual data profiles, the managment of customer preferences and payment streams, the execution of a payments gateway, the orderly managment of customer support, the provision of operational supervisory panels to alert duty supervisors to any possible services losses for any reason and the orderly managment of devices firmware updates.

Please email any questions to Ian about Enginering using this link.