Financial Outline


  1. Detailed financial estimates and projections will only be revealed under a Non-Disclousre Agreement with a genuine buyer ... but please read on ...
  2. The timeframes stated below reflect the research and engineering testing done over the last 7 years, aimed at absolutely minimising the company development timeframe and risks.
  3. The reader can estimate a simple "back of envelope" cashflow model after reading the following outline of the team and operations emergence.
  4. Negotiations about the owners' equity split will be completed.
  5. A new Australian Company will be incorporated, to which ownership of all the sale proceeds intellectual property will be transferred.
  6. A full-time CEO, part-time CFO and company solicitor will be appointed.

  8. A Services Agreement with the preferred Engineering Partner will be created. Ian has a strong recommendation for an existing Australian business with the relevant skills, experience and competence to fully develop and guide the high-volume manufacture of the devices within 6-9 months. Senior Electronics Engineers cost $2,000-$2,500 per day for projects. A full time team of 2 is projected for 3-6 months
  9. A Services Agreement with an Australian IT Organization, capable of building and testing the System within 6-12 months, will be created. Ian has already obtained similar value build quotes from two different such Australian companies. A full time team of 4 specialists will be required for 4-6 months, expanded briefly for short periods of the build. IT specialists cost $1,500 to $3,000 per day for projects.

  11. A Services Agreement with an Australian Electronics Manufacturing Organization will be created.T he projected achievable volume is 1,000 devices sets per month, mimumum. This Agreement will include the purchasing and temporary storage of bulk components in the packaging required for robotic assembly on Surface Mount Assembly equipment.

  13. After final testing, the manufactured devices will be stored on a drop-shippers warehouse, ready for on-demand distribution to customers anywhere in Australia.
  14. The warehouse will include terminals for security features setup just prior to shipment.

  16. In the lead-up to the Public Offer, the CEO will engage a Marketing and Sales Manager to implement a strategy to balance the limited contolled stock levels to pspecific targeted market segments.
  17. CareForMe devices require a set of specilised components for assembly so manufacturing volume cannot be successfully scaled up rapidly.

  19. There will not be the need for anything other that a small executive office with nearby team meetings rooms access.
  20. The WORK-FROM-HOME full-time team of 10 people will run the business.
  21. This team will include a small Customer Support group (4), a Manufacturing and Logistics Manager, Operations Supervisors (4, on shifts), on-demand under contract Engineering Support (2) and on-demand under contract System Support (2).

If you are a genuine buyer please send an email to Ian about any Financials information using this link