About IanR

  1. Ian is currently 71 years old and lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
  2. Ian graduated with Honours as an Electronics Engineer from University of Queensland in 1974.
  3. The CareForMe Project, over the last 7 years, was full-time work with a desire to set up a new successful Australian profitable business providing a socially valuable service ...
  4. ... and potentially the same internationally ...
  5. ... by partnering with multiple different companies in Australia to bring the vision to life ...
  6. ... by consulting many professional electronics engineers, market research specialists, IT and communications systems specialists, as well as public feedback about the concept.
  7. Ian commissioned a market survery in 2023 of 421 people living alone and 471 possible Carers/Customers, which confirmed the high personal and social value of the proposed business.
  8. Ian's working life was in management roles in operational and technical projects - corporate development, high volume manufacturing, electricity and gas metering operations, IT and communications systems planning, development and implementation.
  9. Ian estimates he has worked with more than 1,000 people in his working life, each of whom offered him valuable life lessons and experiences.
  10. Ian firmly believes the CareForMe solution helps fix a worldwide problem!

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