Information Technology Journey

The IT System reperesents the larger proportion of the owners' initial investment.

CareForMe will follow the international business trend of using cloud based "Software As A Service" integration.

As an operating business expense, this is known as PAY-AS-YOU-GO billing, with no up-front capital investment in IT infrastructure.

  1. It is expected that a team of 8-10 professional specialists will build the IT System, some full-time and some in a short-term project involvement.
  2. The IT Team Leder must co-ordinate the contributions of multiple third party sub-system vendors.
  3. The third party devices fleet managmement System "front end" must be custom configured and carefully designed to meet the CareForMe application requirements.
  4. The built system must scale rapidly upward in volume handling as a consequence of successful publicity campaigns.
  5. The monitored person and customer data is extremely private and must be totally secure during its entire transport journey.
  6. The payments gateway must handle high volume payments processing and be able to scale up rapidly.
  7. The CareForMe Mobile App and website must be designed for a common style "look and feel" across phones, tablets, aptopps and desktop computers.
  8. The mobile App must be made available for free in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Please email Ian about CareForMe IT using this link.