IT System Team

  1. The IT team will consist of 4-6 specialists, a mixture of full-time and some on call for parts of the project. with strong capabilities in AWS microservices, security, mobile app development and third party systems integration.
  2. IT specialists are expected to charge $1,000-$3,000 per day for their services. The budget for IT build is expected to be AU$1million+.
  3. An IT Architect will interpret and execute complete scope of the System and App Requirements, working with Team Leads to engage all specialists.
  4. A Security Architect skilled in high volume secure app interaction across Australia will be used.
  5. A Communications specialist will facilitate the integration of the 3rd party Devices Fleet Portal subsystem.
  6. Microservices Software Engineers skilled in AWS API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB and all related AWS Software-As-A-Service components will continuously develop and test the production code for all screens content including supervisory, manufacturing, logistics and call centre support functions.
  7. Mobile Apps Engineers skilled in both Apple and Google Play Stores Apps and UI design and operation will introduce tghe free CareForMe App as offerings in both stores, with a consistent "look and feel".
  8. A Commercial System Integrator will integrate the Subscriptions Payments 3rd party application.

Email Ian about the IT Team using this link.