Manufacturing in Australia

The target build timeframes require work by multiple teams working efficiently together in close proximity.

Australia offers highly capable components purchasing and robotics eelectronics manufacturing capabilities.

The best location for the build teams is Melbourne, where a number of companies have already been introduced to CareForMe under Non-Disclosure Agreements, and share strong belief in its potential.

  1. A manufacturing Agreement requires the continuation of an existing strong relationship between the engineering and manufacturing partners. Ian has confirmed such already exists.
  2. This Agreement will include in detail mutual obligations regarding the cashflow and purchasing of the components inventory, as well as the outbound delivery of finished goods to the drop-ship warehouse.
  3. The appearances of the devices will be the responsibility of a commissioned designer working closely with the devices engineers, executive team and owners.
  4. There are a small number of internationally supplied critical components required to achieve the target manufactured devices costs. This challenge will require special attention!
  5. The purchasing Bill-of-Materials (BoM) will be carefully managed to ensure a stable and escalating timely components delivery is achieved.
  6. A test plan regime has been specified within all Requirements Documents Sets.
  7. Test Rigs design and application will be part of the tasks set for the devices engineering team.
  8. The devices obtain inbuilt security functionality as an integral part of the manufacturing processes.

Please email Ian any questions about Manufacturing using this link