Proof of Concept (PoC) 3-month Project

There is an infinite variety of sizes and shapes of elderly folk.

There is a huge diversity in their patterns of movement about their home.

There is an almost an infinite choice of how and where a movement Sensor can and should be mounted and operated.

The executive, engineering and IT leaders will be involved in the PoC first hand and subsequently revise the detailed Requirements Documents to be handed over and used by the build teams.


  1. A small cohort of 10 familiies will be contracted for a confidential trial lasting approximately 3 months.
  2. The PoC project will start with many assumptions about technnical aspects of the design and values of engineering and system parameters seen as the "first cut".
  3. The PoC Project allows the development engineering team to fully control test all functionality of the "friendlies homes" installed PoC devices.
  4. The PoC supervisory system communicates continuously and directly with the small PoC fleet, receives events reports, issues operator commands and monitors device responses.
  5. The PoC Project offers the IT team, working hand-in-hand with the devices engineers, an early introduction to the application and test enironment.
  6. The PoC teams working together finalise the IT Production System Requirements documents in preparation for the IT Production System build commencment.
  7. Design for high volume manfacture principles will dictate many changes during the PoC Project.

Please email Ian any questions about the CareForMe PoC Project using this link.