Public Offer

  1. The Public Offer is not like a software release in that hardware devices cannot be "scaled up" rapidly.
  2. The System software has been so specified that it CAN be scaled up rapidly, so the main management challenges are hardware related - supply and manauufacturing.
  3. The draft plan ensures that an initial inventory of 10,000 home kits are available for immediate delivery.
  4. The draft plan calls for limited controlled publicity because a very positive market reaction is expected to the Offer, as there is nothing quite like CareForMe currently available.
  5. Hardware supply is substantially limited by the availablity of the internationally manufactured specilized components which give CareForMe its unique appeal.
  6. A refreshed Market Survey is recommended to guide the executive and owners as to the level of these components which must be pre-purchased and stored ready for production.

Email Ian about the Public Offer using this link.