What Is The Problem?

  1. 2 million people aged over 55 live alone in Australia.
  2. Generally they would like to stay there and continue living independently as long as possible.
  3. Their family, friends and carers want to know they are OK and moving about every day.
  4. ... but they don't want to have to call them or go there to find out ...
  5. What if there was a phone app which could let them know AUTOMATICALLY ... every day?
  6. Grandma/Grandpa don't want to be responsible for any new gadgets or technology.
  7. Grandma/Grandpa don't want any cameras or microphones in their home.
  8. What if there was a way Grandpa/Grandma didn't have to do anything different to how they live today?
  9. What if the solution was very low cost?

The Problem IS Now Solved!

  1. A 2023 professional Market Survey of over 900 people in Australia confirmed those living alone, or acting as a Carer, validated the CareForMe concepts.
  2. CareForMe accommodates all of the monitored person's constraints .... as discovered by Ian over many years.
  3. CareForMe offers total flexibility in how the person's movements are reported back to the Carer's mobile app or desktop computer.
  4. CareForME IS low cost and the devices can be set up in 10 minutes in the monitored home.
  5. CareForMe data is totally private because all the movements data is encrypted when sent.


Ask Ian any questions now by email with this link.

The CareForMe Sensor

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