1. The initial executive team consists of the owner's preferred CEO, part-time CFO and part-time commercial specialist solicitor, each under contracts approved by the owners.
  2. Ian's offered guidance has always been and will be aimed at reducing development risks and costs and achieving the fastest possible new company build timeframe.
  3. A detailed review of the 2023 CareForMe Market Survey results will be completed to guide the selection of the required specialists teams to build the business.
  4. Using the Requirements Documents Sets provided by Ian, the executive team will call for current System build quotes from reputable industry companies partnered with AMAZON AWS. Ian holds quotes from 2 such independent companies for the CareForMe build.
  5. The executive team will then set up legal agreements with 10 "friendlies families" to run the "Proof of Concept' Project, confidentially.
  6. The exec team will contract the successful Engineering and IT partners, with their IT leaders team introduced to directly participate in the PoC.

Email Ian about the StartUp phase using this link.