Working From Home Team

  1. During the first 12 months introduction, on-screen scripted call centre support will be required to manage the diversity of installation situations expected in homes across Australia.
  2. The PoC Project will reveal the best performing home installation instructions which will then form the initial on-screen support scripts.
  3. The WFH team, working with the engineering and IT Teams will gradually refine this on-screen support content.
  4. Shift working operations supervisors will provide 24x7 support as there are 6 time zones across Australia.
  5. Supervisors will watch specified "Production Performance Consoles" design to quickly altert them to service disruptions which can occur for many different reasons.
  6. Executives will view "Financial Performance Consoles" to ensure the ongoing health and stability of the company's growth.

Email Ian about the WFH Team using this link.