Quick Look plus help IanR find a CareForMe buyer

  1. CareForMe is a low cost technology solution to monitor and report the daily activities of elderly people living alone to their family and carers' mobile devices.
  2. Ian had as the main objective that the building of a profitable sustainable business operation to deliver CareForme nationally in high volume was as important as the solution.
  3. 2 devices are installed in the home of the person being monitored, by the carer, in about 10 minutes.
  4. The Carer or person being monitored pays a monthly subscription fee for ongoing automatic daily service.
  5. Click "The Solved Problem" ... then "App Screens" yellow buttons below ... to understand what CareForMe is about.
  6. Due to personal circumstances Ian is looking for a buyer for all the CareForMe intellectal property he has created over the last 7 years.
  7. Check out the For Sale video (2 minutes 45 seconds) on YouTube here.
  8. Or please explore how Ian believes the new business will be built, using the buttons.

If you know a buyer or investor interested in using their wealth to do something very meaningful and will be very profitable, ask them to watch the For Sale video.

Contact a potential buyer/investor you know using the following link.