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The Problem ...

2 million Australians over 55 live alone and want to stay in their home as long as possible.

Their family and careers want to know they are OK and moving about every day, without calling them.

There must be no intrusion on the privacy of a person living alone, and they must not be asked to take on any new responsibilities for operating gadgets or operating any complex technology.

How would it be possible to know they are OK every day?

The Problem is solved!!

A patented sensor and patented supervisory system has been developed over the last 5 years which observes and reports the movements of a person in their home to a family member or carer's smartphone, mobile device or desktop.

The sensor can be installed in 10 minutes to tell the story of “normal daily activity” … or detect that is not so!

The cost of the sensor will be $190 and the monitoring service cost is $25 per month.

The cost for the family would form a tiny part of the current government subsidised aged care support package.

Are you the new CareForMe CEO?

The Founder of CareForMe is looking for a CEO right now.

The new CareForMe CEO, in recent years, will have already managed a startup business, thereby comprehending the challenging tasks required now for CareForMe to come to life.

That business will have incorporated an electronic device connecting with a cloud-based system for capturing sensor data, interpreting that data then delivering a paid subscription mobile device experience to a large customer base

She/he will understand how to select, hire and inspire a small team of specialists working together over a 6 month period to take CareForMe through Proof-of-Concept to Australian Public Offer.

This experience will include understanding the customer journey, electronic product design for manufacturing, innovative cloud software implementation, creating a powerful yet simple user mobile interface and pitching to the public.

She/he will be comfortable in creating and operating a new company, then attracting and negotiating with potential investors who understand the huge potential of this opportunity.

If you are this person or know someone who might be, please contact Ian, details below.


If you are a potential investor or know someone who might be, please contact Ian, details below.


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